Turnaround* times for most made-to-order items is currently 6-10 weeks. View status of your order/mailed inclusions via the menu bar. Click this banner to go to our 2021 HOLIDAY ORDER/SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

Mailing Inclusions

In each memorial product listing, we have noted whether that particular item comes with a collection kit or not. If your item requires you to send the cremation ashes, hair, fur or other inclusions directly, please follow the directions below. Alternatively, you may purchase a kit separately here. This kit fee also covers a prepaid label (Domestic) to return the kit to us. 


  • Please send 1/4 teaspoon cremation ash (per item) in any container you feel comfortable with (I use "lipgloss pot" containers)

  • Seal that container inside of two separate ziplock bags

  • Include your name and address INSIDE of the ziploc bags or directly on the container (preferred)



  • Please send a pinch of hair in any container you are comfortable with (many use folded over aluminum foil). If you are able, please keep the hair gathered into a single lock.

  • Seal that container inside of two separate ziplock bags

  • Include your name and address INSIDE of the ziploc bags or directly on the container (preferred)



  • Please send the dried flower in any foil, container, etc you feel comfortable with. We will only crush the parts we need to work with and will return any overage in the container/condition you sent it. Please note if your container can not be returned inside of a 10x6x1 mailing envelope we may reach out to you to cover any shipping overages. The petals do not have to be flat, but they do need to be dried as they may mildew in the mail if they still contain moisture when packaged.

  • Place the container in a Ziploc bag and include your name and address INSIDE of the ziploc bags or directly on the container (preferred)



I typically use a 10x6 yellow padded envelope to ship the container/bags, but you can ship in whatever packaging you feel comfortable. Unless discussed otherwise, it will be returned in a 10x6 bubble mailer.


Please ship USPS First class or higher to the following address. Note your tracking number for your own records. Please do NOT send a package to us without a tracking number if it can be avoided. It's extremely helpful if you do not abbreviate your name in the return field on the package. Please be sure that the name of the person who placed the order is on the outside of the package somewhere. Should you feel more comfortable using Fed Ex/UPS/etc, please email me at ashley@ashleylozano.com for a studio address as only USPS can deliver to post office boxes. For organization and security purposes, your package is not opened until it's time to start working with the inclusions. Please do NOT send any requests for a change to your order inside of your package for this reason. Any size, color, etc requests need to be emailed to ashley@ashleylozano.com and I will do my best to accomodate your changes where I am able.


Ashley Lozano

Po Box 1358

Mars Hill, NC 28754


In the likely event of having leftover ashes/hair, you may choose whether you would like them returned to you with the finished product or scattered in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC... a place I am honored to call home. At my client's requests, I have taken ashes onto kayaking or hiking trips and respectfully scattered them among the beautiful scenery. If you would like for any remaining ash to be scattered, please indicate this in your package. Otherwise, any left overs will be returned to you. Please check the "News" tab in the menu bar at ashleylozano.com to view any scheduled vacations that may impact our twice weekly package retrieval. 

IMPORTANT: PLEASE FOLLOW ALONG HERE to confirm that I've received your package and to view your expected ship date. This is the fastest and easiest way to check on your order. Thank you for utilizing this self-service form if you are able - it really helps us get orders out of the door faster. If you have any further questions, we can always be reached at ashley@ashleylozano.com. 

You can also find this spreadsheet via the "TRACK PACKAGES" tab at ashleylozano.com

Thank you.