Turnaround* times for most made-to-order items is currently 6-10 weeks. View status of your order/mailed inclusions via the menu bar. Click this banner to go to our 2021 HOLIDAY ORDER/SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

Current Wait Times

Any items marked "ready to ship" will dispatch between one and three business days. Our made-to-order items can be expected to ship within 6-8 weeks*, with the exception of the cremation locket (8-10* weeks), glass/silver heart cremation necklace (8-10* weeks), or any items that have an exception to this posted in the item's description. I try to work as quickly as possible and it's not uncommon for me to beat these time frames by a few weeks. If we need to extend our turnaround times for new orders the information will be visible in a red banner at the top of our website until they return to normal. Any extension will not apply to orders already placed unless you are reached out to directly.

You may follow along here​ to see when I've received any incoming packages, or to view your "ship by" date. You will also receive an email when your package ships. If you need your order rushed, please contact me prior to purchasing to see if any rush order slots are available for purchase.

*Please note that this countdown does not start until your order has been placed, paid in full, and all files/cremations/molds (if applicable) have been received.